How To Properly Use A Power Screed

power screed

According to Wikipedia, a Power Screed is a tool used to smooth concrete immediately after it has been poured. The screed itself can be made out of wood, aluminum, or magnesium. This tool is powered by a portable engine which is attached to the power screed.  It has a higher precision and does the work faster than the manual concrete screed.

The power screed is used in conjunction with a rake. The rake spreads the cement while the screed smoothes out the slab. A person operates the screed from behind the screed to control the operation as well as avoid stepping on the already worked slab. It is more or less like working with a power trowel except you will not need to move it around and it covers a large surface area.

The proper use of a power concrete screed

  1. Place it in the middle of the screed board on which you plan to work with.
  2. Switch on the power. This will set off a vibration on the entire board therefore there will be no need for any sawing movements.
  3. Pull the screed board as you move along.


Power screeds are expensive, especially if you want to get various lengths of the screed board. The boards come in lengths of 6 to 12 meters. While a power trowel may be a good substitute, it does not come cheaply and they are more tedious compared to power concrete screeds. You may opt to rent power screeds in accordance to your need, and whether it is for long-term or short-term. Screed rental quotes/rates can be accessed online at or by visiting the offices of rental companies.

Power screeds are more efficient compared to human labor. They are ideal for large construction projects. They can also save a construction company a few laborers’ wages since it can easily be used by one person.

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